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Umělci, kteří hledají dokonalost ve všem, jsou ti, kdo ji nemohou dosáhnout v ničem. Eugéne Delacroix

About us

BD-TOVA Ltd. was founded on 1 January 1995, and has become one of the leading producers of decorative, gift and hobby items in the Czech Republic – also due to the company's long tradition dating back to 1953.

With over 100 people, BD-TOVA is among companies whose ratio of handicapped employees is higher than 60%, and is a member of the Association of employers of the disabled.

Out of the total output, more than 65% is being exported into EU states as well as other countries. The company strategy can be described in three points:


  • Respect for a customer and prompt reaction to their needs
  • Quality
  • Unconventional design


Our production and showroom




Sociální sítě



Autumn ...

Halloween...Trick or treat


BD-TOVA, s.r.o.
Jílkova 124,
615 00 Brno
Česká republika
+420 515 910 006
info: weigelova@bd-tova.cz
prodej: tova@bd-tova.cz
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